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There is something magic about film photography. It forces you to slow down and be still, allowing your surroundings to move and come alive for you, to watch how the light falls on the ones you love, pulling you in and attempting to bottle a moment that cannot be edited or filtered.
We asked a favourite family of ours to take some film photos of the things they love to do together as a family. Photos by Dad Shuey, featuring Kim and daughter Sunday. 

My home is… in a little seaside cabin on the tip of the Northern NSW Coast

My family is… crazy, creative, full of energy and my whole heart

Seeing yourself through the eyes of your partner on film is… nostalgic. Reminds me of my childhood album.

I cant live without… my family, friends, the ocean, music, wine, a good night out, books, fashion magazines, pasta, cheese and the internet

I feel whole when… I’m watching the sunrise on the beach with my family

I find my inspiration… Visually. Daily I consume myself with music, fashion, art, movies, music videos, blogs and social media. It’s important to me that I don’t lose that part of myself now that I’m a mother and as I’m getting older. That feeling of being creatively inspired is so important to me. It fuels who I am, my family and my job. 

Best book I’ve ever read… Tuesday with Morrie.

The music that never fails to make you feel good… music in general makes me feel good and if it’s live, even better.

Daily rituals… a quick stretch, as many kisses from my daughter, Sunday that I can rack up in a day and coffee

Favourite thing to do as a Family… late afternoon fish and Chips on the Chinderah river.

The evolution of a Mother. Describe it in your own words. 

For me it is going from having complete control of your life to giving total control over to your baby, and brings with it such an enormous feeling of love and the need to nurture and protect. Becoming a mother shifts your way of thinking instantly, it’s not just about you anymore. In those early months especially, you have this person who is completely dependent on you so you have to step up. I’ve always loved kids but for me I’m glad we’re past those early months. Once Sunday started walking and gained that independence, I really flourished as a mother. Once she could get to where she wanted to go by herself, she seemed more settled. From an early age it’s been clear how independent and determined she is.


Those hazy newborn days, they are as beautiful as they are exhausting - physically, mentally and emotionally. Nothing can prepare for you the cocktail of overwhelming love and pure joy mixed with the feelings of sorrow as you mourn your old self, not to mention the moments of intense vulnerability as you navigate this new part of your self. It is a rebirth of you. How has motherhood healed you and challenged you? 

I really struggled in those early days. Nothing prepared me for the challenges a newborn brings. I felt isolated even though I was never actually alone, I constantly worried about her wellbeing and was so full of doubt, questioning everything. Looking back now everything was so magnified because you are functioning on no sleep and living in a whole new world. It’s always been important to me that I didn’t lose who I was before Sunday and I haven’t, but my priorities have changed. I’m busier then I ever thought possible and I can’t tell you the last time I read a magazine on the beach but I much prefer mum Kim. I’m so driven now to become the best version of myself for her and me.

What has surprised you most about becoming a Mother? 

The sense of accomplishment, the strength I didn’t think I had, how well I can function off a shitty night’s sleep (consistently), how organized I can be and how good it feels to be her mum.

How do you switch off/slow down/reconnect with yourself?

I haven’t quite nailed this one yet, it’s crazy how fast time is going. The word “yourself” seems really foreign. But a long lunch with my girlfriends or a night out switches off mum life for a few hours.


A piece of advice you would give a Mum-to-be.

Listen to your intuition and don’t be afraid to talk openly about how you’re feeling or ask for help. I’m an open book and I found it really interesting that even with my closest friends it wasn’t until I became a mother and was so open about my struggles that they opened up about their own. It sucks that even after the amazing, mind blowing strength it takes growing your baby and going through labour, and how proud we should be of our Superwoman moment, we just can’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable and admit that we’re struggling, that the 4 hours sleep is actually beating us and that we don’t we know what that cries mean.

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