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A Day in the Life of Luka from Boob to Food

A Day in the Life of Luka from Boob to Food

We welcome any opportunity to get to know the inspiring mothers behind some of our favourite instagram accounts, women that help shape our own motherhood journeys by sharing their passions. Recently we got to chat with Luka from Boob to Food and got a peek into what her day-to-day looks like. Luka is not only the face behind Boob to Food but a mother of two (Flynn and Flo), a registered Midwife, nurse and birth and parenting educator - with a focus on sharing foods, recipes and information that equips mothers to think differently (and better) about food we couldn’t wait to know more about Luka and what her family days look like.

5:45am: Unfortunately am woken up very early every morning by Flo!! I breastfeed her, shower and get ready for the day. Then Flynn my son wakes up too around 6:30am.

7:00am: Smoothie time! Todays smoothie is a ‘Green Dinosaur Smoothie’ with a much needed immune boost (winter colds have got us good at the moment!). This smoothie is full of goodness and rich in probiotics, the pear and pineapple add a beautiful sweetness to hide the ‘green’ flavour. It's full of good fats to keep you full until lunch, and gut healing collagen. I love the Teresa Cutter products (not sponsored!) as they are very ‘clean’ products, and I prefer to get as many nutrients as I can from foods sources like this rather than supplements such as probiotics or tablets.

1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen pineapple
1 pear chopped
1 cup ice
350ml PureHarvest golden quench turmeric milk
1 serve of Teresa Cutter the Healthy Chef collagen, natural immune support and green smoothie blend
1 big handful baby spinach
1 TBSP raw honey
1 TBSP hemp seeds
*To mine I added 2 tsp MCT oil (not recommended for young children - if you’ve never had it before start with 1 tsp)

8:00am: Coffee... my weakness! If I haven’t had too bad a night I will have a matcha in the morning, but my daughter has forgotten how to sleep so a takeaway coffee was necessary!
8:30am: Head to the farmers markets! This is a weekly ritual for us, I love to support local and also buy what's in season. I also find it cheaper and the quality of food better. We met some friends here and had a lovely morning in the sun eating the produce as we went!

10:30am: Home and fed Flo to sleep, then attempted to start cooking and Flo woke up...take two getting her back to sleep.
10:45am: MEAL PREP TIME! I set my son up with some drawing whilst I meal prepped. Todays agenda: chicken bone broth, veggie stock, roasted vegetables, gummies, quinoa (cooked in broth), baked beans, kefir, lentil and vegetable stew for the freezer!
I like to meal prep usually twice a week - once on the weekend and once midweek (smaller prep midweek). I find this makes me so much more organised and I like to have things in the fridge/freezer I can easily grab in a rush. I also love meal prepping as I just make ONE colossal mess in the kitchen - rather than every day!
Our days are usually busy and I find the hardest meal for me to eat well is lunch - so I always like to have things I can grab for quick lunches handy. So I will roast heaps of vegetables and usually something like quinoa or rice (cooked in bone broth) which I can then add protein too like haloumi, eggs, tuna, poached chicken (from my broth), salmon, some greens and avocado and sauerkraut. I like to sprinkle my foods with nuts and seeds for extra fats and protein. Having vegetables roasted also makes easy and quick finger food for Flo for baby led weaning. 
I also like every week to make a few meals that are in the freezer for those nights when everything seems to go wrong and dinner is too stressful! Or myself or my husband can have them for lunch too!

Click here for the bone broth, kefir, baked beans & gummy recipes

11:00am: Flo woke up and crawled around screaming at me for the entire cooking time...
11:30am: Drank some kefir with Flynn, we usually have a cup a day! Kefir is loaded with probiotics - great for immunity and gut health. Its also so easy to make!
12:00pm: Lunch - I had some smoked salmon I bought at the market, with broccoli (that I had steamed for the week), sauerkraut, hummus, seed mixture, rocket and goats cheese. Flynn had some salmon, some broccoli and 2 carrots (his choice!). Flo had her dinner leftover which was ‘spaghetti’ Bolognese made from red lentil pasta (San Remo brand from Woolworths)

2:30pm: Breastfeed and attempted to put Flo down for a nap - lasted 5 minutes! She’s usually an ok sleeper in the day but is going through a horrible regression day and night.
3:00pm: Feeling the slump - matcha tea time!! Matcha is a great steady and sustained energy boost that provides caffeine slowly without the cortisol stress hormone release. Kids had some market fruit and coconut yoghurt.
3:30pm: Dads home (he was away on a surfing trip camping), we all headed to the beach for the afternoon. We are usually at the beach every day at some stage! Its a cold day so took the bikes down and had a ride and played in the sand - it always grounds us and energises us!

5:30pm: Home for dinner and feeling unorganised (even though I meal prepped all day I didn’t actually make a specific dinner - this is when meal prep comes in handy!). So we had some of the quinoa cooked in bone broth that I had made, some of the baked beans, haloumi, avocado, baby spinach and turmeric scrambled eggs! When I make meals I always try and make them mainly protein, accompanied by good fats and some complex carbohydrates. This makes a balanced meal that will keep you satisfied and not cause big blood sugar spikes and crashes having you reaching for the sweet treats an hour after!

6:30pm: Boob and bed! 
7:00pm: My hubby and I had a hot chocolate on coconut milk using Teresa Cutters ‘naked chocolat’ made with mineral rich antioxidant boosting carob and cacao without the added sugar!

9:00pm: Bed (haha Flo says.. she then wakes 1283647 times until the morning) - bone broth still bubbling away until the morning! 


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