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Two Tykes Travel: Meet Sophie Pearce

Two Tykes Travel: Meet Sophie Pearce

Cabarita encompasses a lifestyle that I'm sure anyone could get used to. Enjoying the peaceful coastal life with space to roam and just a short drive from Byron Bay and the Gold Coast seems like it might be too good to be true. However, this is the reality for beautiful mama Sophie Pearce, husband Nick and their bubbly blue-eyed girl Poppy.


Setting up their roots just a few years back in what is now known as The Grounds of Cabarita (and our consistent source of interior inspiration), Sophie is a mum of many talents. She's also very good at convincing us that Cabarita is where we need to be spending all of our days from here on in…


Firstly, we need to know - is it Cabarita or Bogangar? 

This is a really tough one! Officially our address is Bogangar even though we live behind the main street of Cabarita Beach. There are only a handful of houses along the beachfront that are officially Cabarita Beach. 

Grounds of Bogangar didn’t quite have the same ring to it though right? 


What do you love most about living in Cabarita?

The best parts about living in Cabarita are the slow relaxed lifestyle, the picturesque beaches and the lack of traffic!! 

The location is also incredible, we are a mere 30 minutes from Byron Bay and 20 minutes from Gold Coast airport, so it has a remote feel but is close to anything that you need! 


Do you have a family morning ritual?

We are really lucky that my husband’s work is quite flexible as he works for himself so we often do get to spend the mornings together. We are all morning people so we are generally up when Poppy wakes at 6.30am, go for a morning walk, head to my husband’s cafe Tucker for breakfast or just have a smoothie and coffee at home, and then Nick tends to then head off to work! 


What are your top three things to do with your family in Cabarita:

1. Nothing, thats the main one!! Haha. 

2. Relax on, in my opinion, one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches 

3. Go for a prawn sandwich and a wine at Halcyon House 



Best hidden gem or secret beach spot?

The beaches aren’t hidden as such, but they are generally quiet enough that you can get a park or a good bit of sand with plenty of space. There are lots of nooks along the beaches at Cabarita which create little pockets of privacy. Due to the way the headland faces, you can generally be protected from the wind on one side of it or the other! 


What's something that others might not know about the area?

That in our area there is something for everyone!! Within a 5km radius there are lots of incredible restaurants (Paper Daisy, Taverna, Spice Den, Izakaya Potts the list goes on), delicious cafes (Tucker, Mockingbird and Cubby are my picks), there’s an incredible women’s and kid’s retails store in Casuarina (Nikkou- which stocks Two Tykes), lots of places to do Yoga and Pilates, amazing beaches… you get the picture! There’s just lots of great people doing great things in the area!!  


What are your top three (family-friendly) places to eat?

1. Tucker Casuarina for breakfast or lunch 

2. Spice Den 

3. Izakaya Potts 



Best places to stay? (Aside from Grounds of Cabarita because that's obviously #1)

  1. Grounds of Cabarita - I mean duh! haha 
  2. Halcyon House - if you are wanting to splurge! 
  3. Two great other Airbnbs in the area- Triangle House in Cabarita Beach and Sundream House in Casuarina 


What's Poppy's favourite thing to do in Cabarita?

Poppy’s favourite thing to do anywhere is eat!! Haha so I guess that would be number one! 

But specific to Cabarita, she loves going to the beach and she loves swimming in the pool! 


Lastly, as a seasoned traveller (with child in tow) what's your best travel advice?

I think the best travel advice is to relax! That sounds ridiculous but I think the more you overthink it and fret the less you will enjoy. 

Things are always going to go wrong, no matter how much you plan your flight could always be delayed, your child could always have an explosive poo mid train trip… 

But in terms of specific advice my top 5 things would be: 

1. If you don’t already have one, and I don’t know how I could live without one, get a baby carrier! 

2. Train your bub to sleep in their portacot before you leave, move it around your house so they get used to different locations 

3. Only pack clothes that are versatile and can be worn with multiple other items of clothing 

4. Stick to routine but while out and about- assuming your child can sleep on the go. For example: Poppy can sleep while we are moving so we would just make sure we were wandering when she was due for a nap, rather than sitting in cafe where she would inevitably wake up 

5. Don’t put your pre-conceived ideas of foreign food on your baby/kids! Poppy was smashing down super strong fish in Japan, something that I personally don’t like and wouldn’t want to eat! 



Poppy wears the Daybreak Short Sleeve Bodysuit and the Earth Warrior Bloomers.