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Two Tykes Travel: Weekends with The Martins

Two Tykes Travel: Weekends with The Martins

Tell us a little bit about your family…
We are a family of four, with two free spirited sunshine girls (3 years and 11 months old). My husband and I moved to Byron Bay over 7 years ago… got engaged, married, had two babies here, bought land and built our first home in the hinterland. 
You can safely say we have put down roots! 

What do you love most about living in the Byron Hinterland?
I love the wide open spaces that my children get to explore, the peace & quiet… star gazing at night and the beautiful green, tree lined vistas. 
We love going for drives and discovering new little creeks, swimming holes and waterfalls. Conveniently, we're only a 25min drive to the beach which we spend a lot of time at too.

What is your family morning ritual?
Our day usually starts by getting woken up by a very excited 3yr old, jumping on the bed. (Luckily we're morning people!)
We all gravitate to the kitchen, the kettle is put on, breakfast made and the home filled with chatter. We take our drinks out onto the deck, listen to the birds and take a walk to water our veggie garden.

What are some of your favourite family adventures?
Close to home would be sunsets at the beach with a picnic dinner. Bigger adventures would have to be traveling overseas with our now 3 & a half year old. 

What does a typical weekend for The Martins look like?
We are in the process of finishing off our home build so a lot of weekends (most) involve something done on the house! We owner built so it has been a slow but rewarding journey.. I love that my husband built our dining room table, our four-poster bed and other furniture around the house. So much love has gone into the process.
No matter how busy we find ourselves though, there'll definitely be time taken for coffee, pastries and a swim at the beach or one of our favourite swimming holes in the hinterland.

Do you have some really special memories or experiences growing up that you strive to recreate for your family now?
Growing up, I remember my Mom waking us up at the crack of dawn to watch a sunrise or go to the beach. We were always outdoors hiking in the mountains near our home in South Africa, going on weekend road trips to our family farm - or camping with a group of other families and lots of children. My best memories as a child were all the countless adventures we went on as a family. I will be forever grateful for having parents that nurtured a love for all native wildlife, flora and fauna. 
We are consciously fostering that type of upbringing with our girls.

What do you hope your girls take away from their childhood days?
I hope they have memories filled with days outdoors… of exploring and adventuring in nature, getting lost in imaginative play - without a care in the world. Waking early for sunrises and having dinner watching the sun go down at the beach. 

As a mother of two with her own photography business, how has the journey challenged you?
The challenging aspect, for me, of working and having two young girls is the guilt of putting too much time and energy into something outside of spending time with them. Early on, I only accepted a few photoshoots here and there, but focused solely on motherhood. Since having my second child, I've realised that it is perfectly ok to take some time for myself. Photography is not only my job but has been a passion of mine since I was very young.

Honouring my passions and having a creative outlet makes me a much better - well rounded mama for my girls. 

What surprised you most about becoming a mother for the second time?
That your heart can expand doubly and that you can love both tiny beings more than you ever imagined. Also, that I could enjoy childbirth the second time around! A few mamas may laugh at this comment... as I used to - but my second birth was much shorter than the first 3 day ordeal, and it was truly empowering.

You’re obviously a very creative person, what do you find is the best way to keep that creativity flowing in your day-to-day life?
Thank you! I find taking photos in my day to day life with the girls is a big creative outlet for me - as well as being inspired by other photographers and artists. I love Pinterest and Instagram for outside inspiration... I'm very visual so I love to create and and to see beautiful moments and things created by others.
I also am surrounded by beautiful, inspiring and creative mamas here in the bay - so that too fosters & inspires creativity. 

Where to next for motherhood, for your business and for your family adventures?
We're finished having children (two is our lucky number ;) so I'm excited to put my energy into raising our two girls as they grow together.
For business, I have some exciting projects and shoots in the near future which I'm looking forward to! 
And for adventures, we have booked flights back to my homeland - South Africa, for later this year… which I'm bursting with excitement for as it'll be my youngest daughters first time over there. I can't wait to reconnect with the country + people, see all its stunning wild life and immerse ourselves in all its colourful ways of life. There really isn't anywhere else like it.

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